Your Last Platform

All of this may sound good, but what does it add up to? What does it feel or look like?

In Aion Ver. 1, the platform consists of a series of folders. Each folder represents a subject that is offered by the NCEA Curriculum, with sub-folders containing things such as specific Achievement Standards within that respective subject. Anyone can create a folder or sub-folder and upload content to them, but this is the fundamental structure of the system.

The Aion Janitor looks through the uploaded materials. If something is out of the ordinary (e.g. someone has uploaded material that violates New Zealand Law or the Aion Terms of Service then this is immediately removed and, where appropriate, further action is taken). Otherwise the Janitor ensures that all materials on the platform are sorted properly so that they are easy to find.

Teachers can easily look up material in a specific subject or Achievement Standard using this system. They can browse directories as though it was on their own local computer, download what they need and use it to help them with their teaching. No additional software, no sign ups, forgotten passwords or viruses - you are using tools that you already have and navigating structures you already know.