Project Status + History

Is Aion in its final form? Is the platform fully finished?

Not quite. We consider Aion to be stable and solid for public use. However, we are constantly trying to find ways of improving the platform. Our next goal is to transition from relying on Google Cloud Platform for hosting and managing the backend storage of material entirely by ourselves.

Currently, Aion is live and active. That means you can own a piece of it — upload, download and remix material where you see fit. There are hundreds of people who can potentially benefit from this platform, and we invite you to give it a try!

You can interact with your fellow colleagues via Google built-in commenting system. Otherwise Aion maintains its own forum spaces per subject to supplement the sharing of materials with discussions.

Our development channel on Telegram is fairly active. We use it every day to coordinate and chat about the future of Aion. You’re welcome to join. We have exciting things planned for 2020.

You should also check out the GitHub repository if you want to study the source code of Aion. Building a platform from scratch is a huge undertaking, but its a lot of fun and we get to all decide how we want this space to be. We operate transparently and do all of our development in public, inviting users for feedback and suggestions via Telegram, email or in person!

Future updates

Aion is young, but developing quickly. If you've just finished this tutorial and want to stay connected with the project, we recommend starting with our mailing list.

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