Aion and You

We live in a world where information is available at our very fingertips. If there is something we don't know, the answer is only one search query away.

But our current systems for sharing information are a mess.

We spend all our time switching between services, juggling logins and different interfaces. Our material becomes scattered online and offline, and becomes impossible to keep track of. Once we are finally familiar with a system, we are told that we need to learn a new one, or the interface get completed changed. All of this is assuming that said service also shut down with little warning.

If these systems of information are going to be a part of our lives as teachers, we need a sound foundation. We need an open platform for sharing, not a mess of apps and services. Aion is that platform.

We built Aion from scratch to be a system that’s simple, durable, and yours. Everything that systems for sharing today is not — but should be.

What do we mean by simple, durable, and yours?


Aion is designed to be incredibly simple to use. The material that you upload, as well as that uploaded by other teachers, all live in a single, unified place that you can control and access freely. Aion requires no administration from you - it works through your existing Google Account.


Aion is designed to be durable: both to store your materials across generations and to be resilient against shutdowns. You can't afford to invest time and resources into a platform that could disappear or become obsolete. We’ve become accustomed to this distrust, but it’s not the way things need to be. Aion is built with distribution in mind, meaning that there is no central point of failure. Material uploaded to Aion's Cloud via Google Cloud Platform is immediately backed up and mirrored to a series of computers using the BitTorrent Protocol. Anyone with the magnet link has immediate access to the materials shared on Aion and can host them (a process known as "seeding") so that others can access them too. The network effect of this system means that the more people seed the link, the stronger the availability and reach of the network for others.


Finally, Aion belongs to you the teacher in every possible way. You can add and mount it as a filesystem on your computer like you are plugging in a USB drive. You can download as much as you want with no restrictions. There are no storage restrictions or limits. Use Aion to help innovate and advance your practice.

Aion began as an idea, driven from a feeling that a better platform could be built that the ones that exist today.

Over time we’ve quietly evolved Aion into a small, compact platform. Aion isn’t done — but it’s well on its way. The platform has been live since early November this year and the core functions are all stable. You can start using Aion today - we’re ready for you to begin homesteading this new space we created with new communities and new materials.

In the future, we intend on replacing Google Cloud Platform with something more open and distributed. We are in the process of developing a system that can be built upon Ethereum's blockchain, one that is fully decentralised and free.

We think it’s possible to leave our current systems behind and build something better. Something more logical, clear, and collectively owned. Our vision of the future isn’t one where technology is disruptive to the flow of our practice and our lives. It’s one where the technology fits in with what we already have and works alongside us.