Welcome to Aion — a new kind of education platform.

Aion is a purpose-built platform made by teachers, for teachers. On Aion, you upload (or download) your own teaching materials as a way of gaining professional development and understanding of your practice through others.

Aion is a permanent, private archive built on top of Google Cloud Platform. There is no limit to the amount of material you can store on Aion. Be it videos, documents, audio, software, PDFs and so on, Aion can store it all with no storage restrictions. And as a teacher you can use it for free, forever.

Material on Aion is periodically backed up using rclone. Should our Google account or this site ever go offline, all uploaded material is safely backed up to [this magnet link](). If for whatever reason Aion or its development company Before the Beginning Inc. ever goes under, the material you as a collective body will always remain under your control under this magnet link. Click, download, and seed the link for other users.

Today, all of the material that we share as teachers is scattered. Current methods don't offer search functions for users, particular beginning teachers or pre-service teachers who are looking for something specific and have only just begun to seek out teaching communities in Aotearoa. Mailing lists only offer materials chronologically, and Facebook Groups are often private and don't have a built in search function. In both cases, you the user are subject to "The Scroll" in an attempt to find something, assuming the material hasn't been taken down and you can find it at all.

We built Aion so people can control their technology, using tools that they are already familiar with and use everyday. You don't need to create a new account or learn new software in order to enjoy Aion - just bring your existing Google Account and the tools that you already use (whether that be Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs, Padlet, Kahoot, pen and paper, whatever you want!). Make your material how you like, and learn how others approach their teaching through what they upload on Aion.

We want to replace the current paradigm with a new foundation of resource sharing that allows teachers of all levels to have access to quality materials for their classrooms, and to learn through observing the practice of others. The platform is built to be future-proof, something that we can continue to rely upon long into the future.

Aion is a large, ambitious project. But at the core it’s simple, durable and yours.

We hope you will join us in this mission.